Atari Mania’s Minigame Madness is Now on PlayStation 4 & 5 


Atari Mania’s Minigame Madness is Now on PlayStation 4 & 5 👾

It’s unbridled minigame madness in Atari Mania, the mashup game that features a whole roster of familiar faces from Atari’s beloved video game portfolio. Now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Atari Mania sees players face off against the dreaded “dead pixels,” agents of chaos who aim to corrupt the Atari titles and characters of decades’ past.

A fun, retro-fueled mashup of classic Atari titles that pays homage to the company’s role in video game history, players will take on the role of Caretaker of the Atari Vault, where they must journey through corrupted, mixed-up versions of classic titles, beating microgames in order to restore order to the discord that’s been sewn. Along the way, players will come across familiar faces…but after the corruption, are they friend or foe?

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