Call of Dragons, the New High-Fantasy Conquest Title From Farlight Games and LEGOU Games, launches globally. 


Conquer The Land of Tamaris With Behemoths Both Furry and Fire-Breathing and Dominate the Battlefield

 Today, Farlight Games — the creative minds behind the hugely popular RPG Dislyte — is excited to launch it’s latest MMO fantasy conquest title, Call of Dragons, on PC and mobile platforms. Call of Dragons blends high fantasy themes with intense, real-time strategy combat on a massive, infinitely zoomable battlefield. Fortify your village, raise your army, and set forth with a fleet of powerful fire-breathing Behemoths to take control of surrounding kingdoms or build alliances with other players.

Call of Dragons features a roster of unique, fantasy-themed heroes and factions in an expansive and visually stunning setting. Complete quests and missions to unlock magical “Artifact Skills” to power up your hero and let the real fun begin with a myriad of different strategies you can employ, like invisibility during battle.

Encounter gigantic Behemoths throughout the land of Tamaris, such as the Giant Bear, where you’ll need to utilize your skills obtained and tame the wild beast. Once you’ve slain these beats around the world, you’ll be able to take advantage of their skills and deploy them in battle. 

Travel across the vast land of Tamaris, inhabited by various unique, arcane natives, each with their own combat styles. Adventure with a pastry-loving orc, an Elvish archer who can cast spells, and hundreds of companions who have their own distinctive personalities. And, of course, we can’t forget one of the main draws of the game: the dragons! Raise dragons from hatchling to adult, commanding the mighty beasts to sweep the battlefield. Additionally, players can tame bosses and add them to their alliance, using them to slay enemy dragons, overcome conflicts between clans, and aim for the ultimate prize: submission of the imperial dragon.

Merging rich high fantasy lore with deeply integrated PVP mechanics, Call of Dragons is an experience as legendary as the dragons themselves. Fortune favors the curious, rewarding exploration with collectibles hidden in every corner. Explore villages to unlock mini-games, discover side quests, and find Song Fragments, shattered pieces of ancient melodies that tell the tale of Tamaris’ history, and build out the game’s rich storylines.

Key features of Call of Dragons include: 

  • Hunt and Tame Behemoths:The land of Tamaris is infested with Behemoths—giant ancient beasts like Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and mighty and terrifying Dragons. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your allies to bring them to heel, then train them to become your secret weapon. Then, in your hour of need, deploy Behemoths to crush your enemies!
  • Heal Units for Free: Wounded units can be healed automatically without consuming any resources. Wage war, challenge other players, and fight to your heart’s content! Enjoy the thrill of the battlefield without worrying about your stockpiles. Your path to conquest begins now!
  • Countless Fantastic Creatures: Tamaris is filled with many fantastic races: noble Elves, mighty Orcs, wily Satyrs, wise Treants, majestic Forest Eagles, and otherworldly Celestials. Each of these races can join your forces and lead them to victory. Meanwhile, Hydras, Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs, and other terrifying creatures lie in wait…
  • Powerful Hero Skills: Assign mighty heroes to lead your forces, and train them up to use powerful abilities that allow them to turn invisible, charge across the battlefield in an instant, or unleash devastating AoE attacks! Master the battlefield, then strike at a critical moment to turn the tide of battle and claim victory!
  • 3D Terrain & Flying Legions: Take advantage of rich and varied 3D terrain to carry out rapid assaults, defend your position, and unleash air raids to crush the enemy with strategy. Deploy flying legions across canyons, deserts, rivers, and mountains to deliver a devastating blow!

Along with the global release of Call of Dragons, they’ve also showcased the Season 1 map for Tamaris, which spans high mountains to shallow meadowlands, making for all sorts of unique battles along the way. 
Developed by LEGOU Games and published by Farlight Games, Call of Dragons is currently available for download on Android, iOS platforms, and PC.


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