New trailer invites travellers to experience the puzzle-roguelike they didn’t know they wanted …until now!

PRISMATIKA and QFC Design are today excited to announce that bite-sized, tactical dungeon crawler, Desktop Dungeons: Rewind will launch for PC via Steam and Humble on April 18. A brand new trailer invites all travellers to come adventuring and experience colourful local customs and majestic views of natural splendour (free funeral plan and pedicure included).

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a lovingly-made three-dimensional remake of the iconic, award-winning (Excellence in Design – IGF Awards), micro dungeon puzzler, Desktop Dungeons, which launched a decade ago to critical acclaim. It delivers snappy, strategic and compelling puzzling roguelike action complete with gloriously updated visuals which bring the dungeon-crawling to life with eye-catching vibrancy.

A brand-new Rewind system means that a swift death doesn’t have to be the end, giving explorers a chance to replay a dungeon from an earlier point, experiment with different strategies and defeat monsters in all new ways.

Intrepid dungeon delvers will experience everything that earned the original its cult following including innovative game design, hundreds of hours of content, daily online challenges, an amazing soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope, all the DLC, and more!

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Features

  • Embark on an adventure – Choose from a diverse cast of replaceable adventures. Explore bite-sized dungeons.
  • Heal by exploring – Reveal hidden terrain to regain health and mana. But plan your route carefully or you’ll have nothing left to face the final enemy.
  • Die. Rewind. And try again. – New to DDR, your death is no longer quite so inevitable. After death, you can replay a dungeon from an earlier point to try a different strategy.
  • Build your kingdom – Trade monstrous trophies for gold and upgrade your settlement to attract the most skilled adventurers.
  • Show your friends who’s boss – Daily online challenges.

Will you become a legendary dungeon crawler, or fall to the wayside?

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind will launch for PC via Steam and Humble on April 18. It is now available to wishlist on Steam.

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