Driftland: The Magic Revival has expanded with the most substantial add-on to date – Nomads.


The Nomads update will introduce both new content and fresh, if not revolutionary, game mechanics. On top of that, the game is now 75% off, and you can also get a special bundle including Driftland: The Magic Revival, the Nomads add-on, and Danger Scavenger!

You can get Driftland: The Magic Revival from Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/718650/Driftland_The_Magic_Revival/), available at 75% off starting at 10:00 AM PDT / 19:00 CET, so along with the Steam Summer Sale. And if you already own the game, then you’re among 250,000 gamers that have played it to date! As a thank you for your support, developers have prepared the biggest and most significant game update so far – Nomads, that you can download completely for free. Finally, if that wasn’t cool enough, you also get a special bundle that includes two Star Drifters games in one package: Driftland: The Magic Revival with the Nomads update included and Danger Scavenger! You can get the bundle here: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/15460/.


  • Nomads – new game mode – a new nation that has no ruler and doesn’t carry out orders like other races. Units are managed directly, like in classic RTS games. New unit types/classes affect strategy on the battlefield, and the Path of Progress tree for the nomad economy is not based on resources as much as in other races.
  • Free Game – extended game mode replacing Skirmish. A game mode that allows you to generate a random game just like before Skirmish, with the difference that we’ve added a lot of options that will allow you to create a game on your own inventory and more varied maps.
  • Strengthening the characteristics of the four basic races – so that no one doubts how they differ. There are changes on many levels, including building activities, e.g., the operation of defensive turrets, will change depending on the race.
  • Random Events – things that we have no control over, e.g., natural/magic disasters, will happen during the game.
  • Cross-platform play and new multiplayer engine – with this update, Steam and GOG players will be able to play a multiplayer game together. By the way, we changed the multiplayer game engine, which should improve the stability of the game in this mode.
  • New tutorial – we’ve had two tutorials so far – one in Skirmish mode and the other in Campaign mode. Unfortunately, each of them contained a different part of the knowledge needed to play Driftland. Some of you played only one of them and did not look into the other, which sometimes could cause frustration. We decided to sort it out. We have created an independent game mode – Tutorial, which quickly teaches how to navigate the world of Driftland and introduces the basic mechanics. We also got rid of the tutorial mission in the human campaign, which you just didn’t like. The nomads got their own tutorial mission because they use a completely different game mechanics.
  • Improvements and bug fixes. We are fixing minor bugs and adding the improvements you propose that will debut with Nomads.


Driftland: The Magic Revival is a unique combination of 4X, real-time strategy, and god game. It will make fans of such classics as the Civilization franchise, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Age of Wonders III, Starcraft, Endless Legend, The Settlers series, and older games like Mega-Lo-Mania, Populus, and Majesty, feel right at home. At the same time, they will be quickly introduced to what’s unique about the title: a clever combination of 4X, RTS, and god game genres, seasoned with some one-of-a-kind features. The dynamic topography of floating islands will change the situation on the battlefield. Taming wild creatures and pairing them with a rider will impact an armies’ striking force. Keeping the action on the same map will allow gamers to manage their empire and fight for expansion in the same tactical view, with the ability to dynamically adjust the viewing distance.


Danger Scavenger is an intense, cyberpunk-themed roguelike immersed in a dystopian setting where evil corporations bring doom upon the world. The Scavengers – a group of outcasts, once rejected by fate, now revered and admired – decide to overcome the status quo. Become one of them and set out on a risky adventure where you get to choose your destiny. Choose your path wisely, though, as big rewards come at a price and often mean even bigger risks.

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