Preview the Hardspace: Shipbreaker Experience on Consoles in the New Gameplay Overview Trailer


Preview the Hardspace: Shipbreaker Experience on Consoles in the New Gameplay Overview Trailer

Hardspace: Shipbreaker, the critically acclaimed and fan-loved zero-g, spaceship-salvaging workplace simulator from Blackbird Interactive and Focus Entertainment, is headed for release on consoles on September 20. Don’t start your new career in the stars unprepared, though – get fully acquainted with your salvage duties with the new Gameplay Overview Trailer, showing off the game’s advanced visuals, physics, and more.

Today’s trailer showcases Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s gameplay in detail for players who have been waiting for the game to come to consoles. Discover an immersive, space-bound setting where you’ll experience the life of a spaceship salvager through a gripping, story-driven campaign, or relax while practicing your skills in free play mode. Get a lesson on the salvaging processes and tools of the trade, and let the lure of an outstanding zero-g simulation draw you into ever more hazardous shifts!

Expect danger and excitement: space is already an unforgiving environment, but your corporate overlords at LYNX Corporation aren’t helping matters much. The good news? You may have more power than you think to improve working conditions for all the brave Shipbreakers out in space.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is available to pre-order now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can show up for their first day at work in space on Xbox Series X|S on September 20, as well.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is currently available on PC Game Pass. The game is also out now on PC through Steam, the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store. A GAME + OST Bundle is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store

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