IndiQube Launches 4 New Centres for Shared Workspaces in Bangalore

IndiQube Launches 4 New Centres for Shared Workspaces in Bangalore
IndiQube Launches 4 New Centres for Shared Workspaces in Bangalore

IndiQube Launches 4 New Centres for Shared Workspaces in Bangalore

The tremendous response that our existing Indiqube centres have received in Bangalore, we are now expanding our footprints in city’s shared work space map with launch of 4 new centres in important areas in order to cater to the growing demand for shared spaces.

Expansion  Plan

IndiQube has signed up for 4 New business Centres in Bangalore

  • IndiQube HEXA – HSR
  • IndiQube DECA – JP Nagar
  • IndiQube OCTA –  Koramangala
  • IndiQube PENTA – CBD


The ever growing Co-working & Business centres market is gaining momentum in India at a rapid pace.The entry of start-ups has added fuel to the growth of Co-working market; with Bangalore being the top choice of new age entrepreneurs. Koramnagala and CBD have always been a big market for SME’s and large companies, Whereas, HSR and JP Nagar are the emerging start-up hubs of Bangalore.


In Just 2+ years of our existence, we have has added 10000 seats (0.5 million sq ft ) of work spaces through its 12 centres across Bangalore. We plan to expand this platform to 40000 seats + ( 2 million sq ft by 2019. This figure in itself is indicative of the kind of shared space demand we are looking for in Bangalore. Indiqube aims to tap into this robust demand to become the top player of shared space market.


We go beyond just the workspace & provide opportunities for businesses to focus on their goals has been the Mantra for IndiQube to begin with. The quality of our services, network effect, & ease of operations backed by robust technology that IndiQube offers to businesses houses, has made IndiQube the preferred destination for shared work spaces in Bangalore



Meghna Agarwal, Co-founder, IndiQube


Commenting on the development, Meghna Agarwal, Co-founder, IndiQube said, “Millennials will be the backbone of the workforce in the foreseeable future and beyond. They will dominate the work landscape at Start-ups, SMEs, & ODCs in partnership with freelancers and independent workers. HR , Technology and Office spaces needs to go hand in hand to provide appealing and idea stimulating interior designs , a robust online platform, flexibility and community that encourage and nurture employee bonding. IndiQube benefits of flexibility and growth options with network effect helps the company to focus on their core business and thus making us the most desired option.”  


We truly believe that our Eco-system of growth helps the companies to concentrate on things that matter business. IndiQube has been catering to the needs of dynamic & ever demanding new age business eco-system of Bangalore like no other does. Companies like Bluestone, Freshmenu & Micromax are on the list who have made IndiQube as their own.


About IndiQube

IndiQube is leader and pioneer in smart business space. IndiQube help start-ups and SME’s with productive ready space. A co-working and dedicated office to fit all their needs.


IndiQube creates a right business environment for emerging companies to thrive by providing space with key growth drivers like scalability and flexibility. In real sense, we truly are their growth partners, who help then seamlessly expand and grow in the same location without them worrying about other hassles of searching, shifting for new space.


We are looking to expand in cities like HyderabadChennaiPuneDelhi ,Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh.


For more Information, please refer to our Website


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