iValue and Safe-T Team Up to Keep Organizations Safe the Right Way with Zero Trust

iValue and SecurityAdvisor Technologies Join Hands to Strengthen Last Mile Security

iValue is India’s premium technology aggregator with direct partnerships with more than 30 “Best of Breed” OEMs, over 6,000 customers through 600+ partners worldwide

Safe-T® Group Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: SFET), a provider of secure access solutions for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, and iValue InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. (“iValue”), India’s premium technology aggregator, today announced the teaming up of Safe-T Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Safe-T Data A.R Ltd. (“Safe-T”) and iValue. Security is of optimal importance now more than ever, and iValue, which has consistently stayed ahead by partnering with the right mix of popular and niche technology providers, has once again come to the aid of organizations by bringing forth Safe-T’s Zero Trust Network Access (“ZTNA”) solutions. iValue’s customers across India benefit from this security solution that mitigates attacks on enterprises’ business-critical services and sensitive data, while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

IT leadership in enterprises around the world have been working relentlessly for the past several months to design, build and operate effective and secure infrastructure for employees, suppliers and purchasers working remotely. This mass scale change in access methodology has brought about a compelling transition from a ‘trust but verify’ to a ‘trust nothing, always verify’ approach. This new approach is based on the ‘Zero Trust Model,’ which ensures secure access based on three key concepts:

  • Trust nothing
  • Continuous authentication
  • Least privilege access

Safe-T has mastered unique and innovative technology to enable customers to achieve ‘Comprehensive Zero Trust Architecture’ for remote users, along with protecting investments in traditional and vulnerable VPN solutions,” said Harsh Marwah, Chief Growth Officer at iValue.

Safe-T enables digital business on-premises and in the cloud by allowing access to applications, services and networks only after assessing trust. Safe-T’s cloud and on-premises solutions ensure that an organization’s access use cases, whether into the organization or from the organization out to the internet, are secured according to the ‘validate first, access later’ philosophy of Zero Trust. Safe-T’s wide range of access solutions reduce organizations’ attack surface and improve their ability to defend against modern cyber threats.

Using Safe-T’s ZoneZero™ Perimeter Access, ZoneZero™ SDP, ZoneZero™ VPN, ZoneZero™ MFA, Secure File Access (SFA) and Secure Data Access (SDA), organizations can now provide complete zero trust access for remote employees, partners, applications, IoT devices and more, to company resources regardless of their location.

iValue is a highly-valued partner as we look to expand in India. With over 6,000 customers across industry verticals and more than 15 years of industry experience with a wide range of products and solutions, iValue is an ideal strategic fit for us to introduce our innovative solutions to this market,” said Avi Rubinstein, Safe-T’s Chief Business Officer. “VPNs have stood the test of time, but despite being a cornerstone in secure networking for decades, their infrastructure simply does not support ZTNA. Our ZoneZero VPN changes that, allowing organizations to continue to benefit from everything their VPNs have to offer while implementing zero trust and secure access.”

Digital asset protection is one of iValue’s most sought after solutions. The partnership between iValue and Safe-T with Zero Trust Access solutions will not just make the technology aggregator stronger but will also give a chance for organizations in India to make a worthy investment in safeguarding their DNA.

With the prevailing pandemic situation, Zero Trust security access to the infrastructure of customers of all sizes has gained utmost relevance. As a variety of brands offer this solution, speedy deployment and ease of integration is the key differentiator for success of any deployment of Zero trust security. Safe-T offers this key ingredient with Zone Zero that is easy to integrate with the existing security, besides offering an end-to-end Zero Trust access to the resources. This feature echoes with iValue’s tagline of ‘Maximizing the value of Technology investments.’ Being an Israeli company, Safe-T assures the product quality and adds value to the security portfolio of iValue,” said Mukundan G S, National Business Manager at iValue InfoSolutions.

About iValue InfoSolutions:

A premium technology enabler, iValue InfoSolutions drives “Go to Market” for niche, compelling and complimentary offerings, “digital assets” protection, optimization and transformation area, leveraging customer life cycle and product life cycle adoption frameworks.

iValue’s mission is to optimize, protect and transform “Digital Assets” of organizations, with leading edge and proven offerings, in collaboration with trusted partners. iValue offerings are aligned, customized and optimized for organizations, across vertical & size, through its OEM, consultant & global, national, regional and local system integrators partnerships.

iValue has a direct partnership with 30+ “Best of Breed” OEMs for its 6,000+ customers through 600+ partners. iValue has a direct presence across 13+ locations in multiple continents, with channel, solution, vertical and horizontal focused teams, addressing pre-sales, sales and post sales needs of customers, consultants and partners for private, public and hybrid cloud needs. Apart from India, iValue’s overseas presence includes Nairobi, Kenya office for Africa.

The team at iValue leverage analytics is known for its structured and targeted business development with customers along with AI-driven CRM solutions for ensuring profitable growth for its partners and OEMs.

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