Michelle Yeoh, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Jeffrey Wright, Elliot Page & Vin Diesel Streaming Now on Paramount+ in the US and Canada (and in International Markets beginning April 19)

 Lakeshore Records has released ARK: The Animated Series, Volume 1—Original Series Soundtrack today with original music by LA-based British composer and two-time Ivor Novello Award-winner Gareth Coker (Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Halo Infinite). The soaring orchestral score – recorded by an orchestra of up to 80 of London’s finest session musicians at Abbey Road Studio One – augments the action and drama to the star-packed animated series. Coker has also composed all of the music for the game ARK: Survival Ascended and you can view the show’s Behind-The-Scenes video here:

An animated adaptation of the hit video game ARK: Survival Evolved and featuring a voice cast that includes Michelle Yeoh, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Jeffrey Wright, Elliot Page & Vin Diesel, ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES is streaming now on Paramount+ in the US and Canada (and in international markets beginning April 19). Part two of the season will debut with seven new episodes at a later date. 

ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES is a sweeping saga spanning eons of human history. When 21st century paleontologist Helena Walker (Madeleine Madden) finds herself resurrected on a mysterious primeval island populated by prehistoric beasts, she must learn to survive with new allies from throughout time, while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.

Notes Coker: “ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES has been a labour of love ever since the idea was first introduced to me by the game’s creators, Jeremy Steiglitz and Jesse Rapczak. I’ve immensely enjoyed building ARK’s musical landscape across the game and its several expansions, the chance to add further to it through a different lens was an unbelievable opportunity, and a privilege to be the composer bringing their transmedia vision to life, from scoring both the show and the game. The most striking feature of the show is that it is character driven. This allowed me a huge canvas for thematic development, which was encouraged further by the direction of wanting the show to have a score that wears its heart on its sleeve. ARK has never been shy with its music, and the Animated Series is no different. The show has themes and melodies abound, with the power that our fanbase has come to expect, but within this show, also a more intimate side they have rarely heard before.”

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Track List

01. Awakening
02. Your Mission is Survive
03. Mystery and Majesty
04. Helena’s Theme
05. Scary the Parasaur
06. Raptor Riders
07. Helena x Victoria
08. Rockwell’s Theme
09. Escape and Introducing the General
10. Stranger in a Strange Land
11. Paroxysm
12. A Delicate Hope
13. Nerva’s Interrogation
14. Lost Homes and Civilizations
15. The Artifacts
16. The Die is Cast
17. The Will to Survive
18. The Long Arm of Nerva
19. A Mother’s Wisdom
20. ARK Life, Pt. 1
21. Meiyin’s Theme
22. A New Ally, A New Friend
23. For the Future Generation
24. The Great Alliance
25. Artifacts and Element
26. Broodmother
27. Mysteries of the ARK
28. The Green Obelisk Alight
29. Standoff
30. Alasie’s Theme & Forging a New Alliance
31. Henry’s Theme & A Scientist’s Mind
32. John’s Theme
33. ARK Life, Pt. 2
34. Attack of the Fliers, Pt. 1
35. Soft Face
36. John’s Past
37. Attack of the Fliers, Pt. 2
38. Recovery
39. We Will Liberate Them
40. Fight For Those Whose Names You Do Not Know
41. Help Her on the Path Ahead
42. Behavioral Adaptation
43. How to Tame Your Dino
44. Entering the Camp
45. Gladiatrix Theme
46. Always Part of Helena’s Plan
47. Hide, Seek, and Catch
48. Raid
49. The Choice
50. The Bonds of Fate
51. Civilians or Soldiers
52. Training a Rebel
53. Council Debate
54. Chef Alasie
55. The Way of the Warrior
56. Forged in Blood
57. Assault
58. Yin versus Yang
59. Indomitable
60. Haunted
61. Rescue Plan
62. These Are Not My Stars
63. A Warrior’s Heart
64. Infiltration
65. Clash of Titans
66. More than the Stars in the Sky
67. Wakíya Natá Ú
68. Reunited

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