Prison Tycoon: Under New Management Escapes Early Access — Full Retail Release Includes Free DLC


Prison Tycoon: Under New Management Escapes Early Access — Full Retail Release Includes Free DLC

Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, today is excited to announce the full release of its newest title Prison Tycoon: Under New Management. After serving time in Early Access, this new iteration of the beloved Prison Tycoon franchise is fully rehabilitated to “version 1.0” and launches with a free downloadable content (DLC) pack, dubbed “Roll Call.”

All the elements of a great tycoon game can be found in Under New Management, including finance and resource management, hiring staff, managing work flow, and more! As a prison Warden, it is your goal to rehabilitate, not punish, prisoners to turn them into productive members of society. In Under New Management, each inmate must work through their own issues that landed them in prison, and it’s your job to provide them with the help they need to get healthy.

Launching alongside the core game is the free Roll Call DLC, designed with content creators and streamers in mind. This DLC adds exciting personalization features for players, including a new character creation tool that allows them to rename and customize the look of their prisoners and staff. The DLC also introduces new Twitch integrations for streamers that allow them to name incoming inmates based on who is currently in their Twitch chat stream, along with letting them offer Drops that grant special in-game items to viewers.

During the game’s Early Access phase, developers Abylight took into account user feedback adding and refining features players suggested throughout the development process. Inmates can now enjoy visits from family and friends, while would-be Wardens have new tools such as room-cloning (to speed up building similar rooms) and climate-control options to keep things cool! Wardens will face new challenges with a variable number of inmates arriving each day, while worker proficiency, inmate happiness, and facilities maintenance were all rebalanced.

Features of Prison Tycoon: Under New Management include:

  • Five Distinct Environments: Select from tropical, tundra, taiga (boreal forest), swamp, or desert biomes, each with its own environmental challenges
  • Build From Your Own Blueprints: Design every room, path, checkpoint, and cell block
  • Hire Experts: Evaluate and hire staff to serve 12 different roles in running and maintaining your prison
  • Secure and Protect: Maintain a secure facility using guards, cameras, watchtowers, and checkpoints
  • Rehabilitate and Release: Evaluate prisoners, then provide the therapies that they need to be released, from the zero gravity room to VR therapy

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