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REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)

REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)

REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)

As unique as the name of the game is, is the game that unique? It’s time to put clover your eyes under the microscope and test. Originally released in November 2020 by first-time indie developers and publishers StarSkipp. The game is a very good example of a future example. The crisp definition of the game’s design and characters offers the game somewhat of modern identity, while from a gameplay point of view referring to the game as a 2-d iteration of resident evil isn’t far from the truth. The game features classic horror surviving scavenging and resource management while facing a wide variety of monsters.

REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)

Coming onto the story of the game, the story of the game focuses on the mother named Chloe. She has 2 kids sally and jake, and her husband charlie. Charlie disappears quite early in the game and one of the first decisions that chole makes is to look for him in the middle of the night in a hotel after seeing some suspicious texts on his phone, yes you guessed it right he might be having an affair. And this brings us to the first mission of chole which is to take care of her kids. The kids will stick to you like they have superglue on them, but you will get separated from them. while they are stuck to you if they are getting hit it’s because you did not react quick enough. While finding your kids you will get to know what happened to the town and why it’s filled with monsters. I think the story gets the job done but it is not something that will keep you interested in the game. What is far more interesting the backstory of Chole, she has police training and this goes well with her strong instinct of protecting her kids.

REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)
REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)

Coming down to the gameplay, plenty of your time playing the game will be spent looting areas and buildings looking for a scrap of health, and ammunition resources. The game doesn’t offer much to players. many players are tempted to go in all guns blazing and open firing but this will not get you much far in this game. You will find your player depleted of resources very soon within minutes so you have been careful in choosing when to use the combat knife to kill weaker enemies is one of the most important aspects if you want to survive. But the character’s damage resistance is very less and this makes the game tough. You will find it very easy to miss your target and get killed so you have to adapt to quick side-stepping to use kife and kill your enemies. As for the gunplay the game utilizes a combined 360 field of vision with a strict direction-focused field of attack. You have to use your mouse to attack the enemies but you can only attack them if they fall directly in the horizontal and vertical position of the player and anything out of this range will be completely safe. This will make the game hard for players are I think it is an unnecessary limitation as most of the games with mouse aiming offers 360 fields of attack, and players are used to playing this way. But I think players can easily get used to the shooting limitations quite quickly. The thing that will distract your mind from this limitation is the huge variety of monsters that will keep coming towards you. And this huge variety of monsters will impress you as soon as you think you have seen all of them the game throws a new one in your path and you have to learn how to defeat this monster all over again. The monsters lack finesse but they work fine. Coming to the game’s environmental design I think many of the players will find it boring, tiring, and tedious. After the first few chapters of the story, you will explore the odds of the real location which will make you fall in love with the game’s art style. At a point in the game, you will find your character swimming in one of the giant veins! but there is not much of this and you will find yourself in rooms, corridors, and roads for most of the time. The locations are functional but I think it gets boring after some time. You will find few recycling assets throughout the game and they are very noticeable which makes it even more boring. At last, the game also features the old puzzles that need to be solved, and all these puzzles come together very well.

REVIEW : Cover Your Eyes (PC)

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review-cover-your-eyes-pcTo sum up, the game is quite good and I like it. the huge variety of monsters and it is fun to kill them. The character of chole is well portrayed and will do enough to keep you invested in the game, and some of the horror elements of the game are also very impressive. The game has a lot to offer and has huge potential. I would recommend this game to players out there as it is fun and challenging.



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