REVIEW : Dakar Desert Rally (PC)

REVIEW : Dakar Desert Rally (PC)

After a lengthy absence—the most recent episode is from 2018—we had the chance to experience the Dakar Desert Rally. Here are the details we have available for this edition of 2022.

After the 2019 episode, the Saber Porto development team decided not to offer anything in 2020 or 2021 in order to devote more time to the Dakar Rally. This time, the Portuguese studio is very ambitious for its car game because it provides us with a sizable playing field: Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the Dakar Rally, which older people mostly know as Paris-Dakar, has been taking place in the oil kingdom in actual life since 2020 for five years. It must be acknowledged that it is a pretty gorgeous location, at least for a video game, despite any environmental issues. The country is scaled down to a ratio of 1:5, which is still larger than, for example, Germany in terms of area. As time goes on, more and more games of race allow for this kind of excess, and it doesn’t bother us.

REVIEW : Dakar Desert Rally (PC)

For all tastes

With at least 150 vehicles available in 5 distinct categories, including car, motorbike, truck, quad, and SxS, this rally raid aims to represent numerous well-known drivers from around the world. For instance, Nasser Al-Attiyah and his Toyota Hilux gr sport, champion of the most recent Kakar, are present. We selected Dominique Housieaux/Pascal Delacour and the MD Rallye Sport to represent us in the campaign. Despite having plenty of references for Rally pros, the game is nevertheless reasonably priced for beginners. The fact that it will be possible to unlock pilots and, more importantly, numerous cult vehicles, makes Dakar fans even better off. You will need to be persistent since you must prevail in each race in Sport mode for each of the five vehicle categories. In other words, a use that is only appropriate for the bravest and most talented people.

REVIEW : Dakar Desert Rally (PC)

The revival of driving

Even though it’s challenging to perform well everywhere, especially when you know that there are all the same 5 categories of vehicles, which are on top of that different depending on the type of view, we can note a nice improvement here if the previous Dakar game wasn’t part of the driving enjoyment. The differences between the pilot’s cockpit vision and the outside view are real, and they affect how we perceive the road and dirt roads. The external camera is the one that gives novice pilots the most sensation and, most importantly, lets them take in the breathtaking view that is provided to them. If you are not the most talented pilot, we advise you to use it. Since Dakak Desert Rally offers three different game modes, namely:

  • An accessible arcade “sport” game mode with a moderately aggressive AI, stage-to-stage saves, etc.
  • a “Professional” game option with more expensive repairs and realistic navigation.
  • a “Simulation” game option sans race-related saves and the highest possible setting for all difficulty sliders. real-world navigation

Everyone can use the sport mode, which enables you to fully appreciate Saudi Arabia’s stunning landscapes. The game is exceptionally lovely and a true aesthetic accomplishment. It is even more convincing and effect-focused than usual. We never get tired of admiring the spotless chassis of our car, which after a few minutes starts to gather muck, sand, and dust. The immersion and sense of moving through a real and convincing world are greatly enhanced by the countless features and changeable weather. Sandstorm, rainstorm, storm It would be foolish to dismiss the travelling aspect and the postcard-like nature of Desert Rally as mere immersive bonuses.

Multiple Modes

The Dakar Desert Rally’s three difficulty levels are its lynchpin. Once you’ve spent your 500 Dakar points on a car, you must keep it until you earn enough points to purchase a new one. Remember that you can test drive a vehicle on a circuit before making a purchase to get a feel for it. Unforgiving to losers, the title requires you to place in the top eight to complete a special or risk having to restart from scratch. With real-time opponents and beacons to help players reach each race stage, Sport mode delivers a competition that closely resembles that of Forza Horizon. Additionally, it appears that there are ground markings that will best direct you. It’s’

Between exhilarating experience and frank disappointment

REVIEW : Dakar Desert Rally (PC)

Direct entry into Professional mode is available for players seeking greater difficulty. As a result, you will be able to follow your co-road-book, drivers you won’t have any other help, and you’ll run into your competitors considerably less frequently because their starts are staggered in comparison to yours. And that’s fortunate because the AI is rather disastrous; frequently, we cannot tell if we are seeing a rally or a demolition derby. This game option, in our opinion, is ideal for experiencing Dakar without having to subject yourself to the harsh punishment of the Simulation mode, which will quickly demoralise you.

REVIEW : Dakar Desert Rally (PC)

Since the road book is crucial and pushes you to evaluate the landscape’s features, such as rocks, homes, or trees, the Pro mode also enables you to take advantage of the settings.

Only at level 25 does the renowned Simulation mode become accessible. And if that is your goal, you must hold on with all your might. This mode currently only includes the opening stages of the Dakar 2020 and 2021, as well as the closing parts of the Dakar 2021, making it somewhat constrained. To gain access to all of the Rally Dakar 2020–2022 events, you must wait for the free DLC Saudi Arabia Extended Map. We are perplexed as to why all of this is not accessible right away in the game. Even just with this depressing assessment, we believe Dakar Desert Rally was released a little too early. It would be extremely destructive to someone who, for instance, does not follow video game news. The simulation is designed so that even the smallest mistake results in a complete step redo. The most demanding and challenging game, VS’, is also the most captivating for die-hard rally enthusiasts. Finally, in the shadowy area of the photo, we will mention the incredible weight-to-power ratios and the potential for a car accident caused by a motorcycle.

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