Tainted Grail – a dark fantasy open-world RPG – is available now on Steam Early Access!


Enjoy a three-hour long teaser of a single-player RPG campaign, AND the new Conquest mode – a unique mash-up between a full-blooded RPG and a challenging roguelike game. All in the world of Arthurian legends and filled with ominous Wyrdness.

Watch the Tainted Grail Steam Early Access launch trailer, and the Conquest mode trailer, before you immerse yourself in this unique universe.

Tainted Grail Early Access Launch Trailer.

You can download the Early Access version of Tainted Grail from Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1199030/Tainted_Grail/) and GOG.com now (https://www.gog.com/game/tainted_grail).

Tainted Grail Conquest Mode Trailer.


The Early Access version of Tainted Grail includes not one, but two games. The first is the beginning of a regular single-player campaign, offering around three hours of gameplay. The second, Tainted Grail: Conquest, is a new game mode that combines hardcore RPG mechanics with a dynamic gameplay experience taken from the roguelike genre.

Those that like to go deep into development details can also learn more about this game mode in Awaken Realm’s blog post available under the following link: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1199030/view/2202768523867631939.

Those that prefer the bullet point form can find it below:


  • A unique blend of roguelike and RPG.
  • A randomly generated map invaded by all sorts of beasts, full of unique locations and surprising narrative tidbits that tie in with the game’s main campaign.
  • New combat gameplay mechanics that stay true to the roots of a deep, tactical card game, but with dynamic, arcade-style pacing – a battle system based on character customization and development with various skills, decks, runes, and lots of items to try out.
  • Fresh base-building mechanics: players will be able to change the game’s mechanics and carry over their progress during their runs by finding ways of placing and upgrading buildings in their village.


Tainted Grail is a dark, open-world fantasy RPG. It is based on a deep and immersive story from one of the best board games (the biggest Kickstarter project of 2018!) but introduces a totally new experience crafted specifically for PC. Full of stirring art and incredible non-linear narrative content, the game will offer a unique mix of discovery, challenge, and exciting cRPG character progression, as well as a deep, tactical combat system.

Tainted Grail is now available on Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development.

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