The cult horror game with an AI-Driven Enemy


Raiser Games and Protocol Games launch a Daily Deal exclusively on Steam for Song of Horror, offering a new chance to discover the terrifying ambience of Song of Horror at 60% off available until June 4th.

The main antagonist of the game is The Presence, an AI-driven entity that learns from players’ behavior to scare the crap out of them throughout its five Episodes. This enemy design is a prime example of how AI implementation can enhance the gaming experience, creating a different and unique setting for each player.

The Presence picks up after a discarded antagonist from Resident Evil 4: a black mist with tentacles that chased the player, and proved too difficult to animate. The Presence’s goal is to be unpredictable, and ensure Song of Horror is a scary and unnerving experience, no matter how many times you have already played it.

With AI becoming increasingly relevant in the gaming industry, Song of Horror’s implementation of an advanced AI like The Presence has resonated with gamers, leading to a surge in popularity. The Presence provides an initial glimpse of how AI technology can push games to the next level, and it represents a significant milestone in the gaming industry.

Song of Horror tasks players with investigating the mysterious disappearance of famed but now elusive writer – a man who, along with his entire family, has vanished without a trace, after coming across an enigmatic music box. Playing the role of any one of 13 different characters, Song of Horror is a Lovecraftian, third person adventure that pays homage to classic masterpieces of the survival-horror genre and horror literature, with five episodes plagued by references for the true adepts of the genre.

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