The Game Development World Cup GameJam+ Begins This Week


The Game Development World Cup GameJam+  Begins This Week

GameJam+ — the annual video game development marathon that serves to guide and advise new independent studios and help them get the experience and mentorship needed to succeed in the video game industry — begins its first phase this Friday, October 9. The event organizers kick things off today with ESQUENTA, a warm-up event that features panels from industry experts. 

A preliminary event to GameJam+, ESQUENTA features panels and talks from a variety of gaming industry adepts, experts, and authorities, designed to provide valuable games industry insight to burgeoning studios. If you missed the inaugural warm-up panel, don’t fret; other speakers presenting at ESQUENTA include Larry Kuperman, Nightdive Studios — the studio behind the System Shock remake, Jay Powell, of the Powell Consulting Group, and Mario Kroll, President, ÜberStrategist, Inc., a public relations firm with a strong focus on the Indie market. 

ESQUENTA runs through October 8th, viewable on the GameJam+ YouTube and Instagram channels.

Now entering its fifth year, GameJam+ 2020 will feature 50 Brazilian and 37 international cities, more than 2,000 participants, 400 projects (100 incubated over two months), and 1,000 volunteers. GameJam+ sponsors include Google, Sebrae, Nuuvem, Unity, Poki, UK consulate, Big Festival, Gazeus, and more. The winner of this year’s prize for Best Gameplay will receive up to 10K words of AAA quality game localization from English to French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Russian. Additionally, the winners for Best Narrative, Best Pitch, and Best Mobile Game will be awarded a chance to explore a whole new market with 10K words of expert Russian localization.

In addition, GameJam+ is pleased to welcome several new partners with this year’s event. The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) will be offering a one-year membership to the best projects from each continent. Other new sponsors include Bemobi, AllCorrect, and award-winning Brazil Games member Hermit Crab Studio. GameJam+ 2020 has also expanded to several new regions, including Singapore, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Chile, and Israel. The event’s fifth edition is divided into four stages and takes place over seven months. GamJam+ will feature 20 countries, more than 2,000 participants, 400 projects — 100 of which will be incubated over 2 months — and 1,000 volunteers. GameJam+ partners with renowned companies such as Sebrae, Nuuvem, Google, Poki, UK consulate, Big Festival, Gazeus, and Unity.

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