An All-New Event Coming to The Long Dark – Winter’s Embrace


An All-New Event Coming to The Long Dark – Winter’s Embrace

Surviving in the cold Canadian winter on Great Bear Island has never been easy. This Summer, however, it’s going to be even harder with our first summer seasonal event Winter’s Embrace. The temperature is dropping even lower and surviving will be even more of a struggle. 

But survive you must if you want to earn two all-new limited-time Badges in the game. These exclusive rewards are only available during Winter’s Embrace which runs from June 29th through to July 31st.

There will also be all-new features and in-game items added to the game to give you a new experience, and a touch of Canadiana as you venture out into the snowy wilds.

Stay tuned for more details!

The Long Dark Joins the Steam Summer Sale
You may have already ventured into the Quiet Apocalypse of The Long Dark, but if you know someone who would enjoy surviving in the wintery Canadian wild there’s never been a better time to get the game.

Let adventurous friends and family know that The Long Dark is the game to get this Summer

Cloudpunk pre-orders open Thursday June 25


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