The Pegasus Expedition releases The Exodus content update

The Pegasus Expedition releases The Exodus content update
Fulqrum Publishing and Kalla Gameworks today release The Exodus – the final Content Update for the story-driven, sci-fi grand strategy title The Pegasus Expedition – which is now available via Steam, and Epic Games Store. The update introduces a brand-new gameplay scenario, alongside gameplay improvements and an assortment of gameplay/bug fixes.  In this new scenario players face a terrifying and all-consuming enemy, The Biomass, as it spreads across the galaxy. Players will grapple in an intense race against time, as they fight to survive long enough to escape the clutches and ever-growing threat of consumption from this horrific enemy. This update also brings changes to the galaxy generation, making resource exploitation potential more specialised and highlighting this to the player, making for a more straightforward approach to their economic challenges and conquests. In addition, a large-scale overhaul to The Pegasus Expedition’s combat mode gives players greater control over the way they approach each different battle through their campaign.   A further change implemented for ease of use is the introduction of structure filtering, a new tool that players can use to easily locate the structures they require while building.

The Exodus is the final planned early access content update for The Pegasus Expedition. It follows Scattered Empires, At the Center of It All and The Height of the Empire  – all of which introduced new gameplay scenarios alongside a variety of changes and bug fixes.
Besides these new features and content, The Exodus brings a number of additional changes and fixes: Changes The way galactic perception is changed to more directly reflect players’ actions and will now also much more directly affect how the Other factions will view the player. AI will now prioritize building higher tier fleets as well as research technologies more actively in aim to keep them better on par with the player. Other miscellaneous AI tweaks have also been implemented, and this is not intended to be the final state of the AI but a step in the correct direction.  Fixes Fixed an issue where combat music would not play Fixed an issue where texts won’t align with their buttons Fixed an issue where fleets would not lose combat power from lost ships  Fixed an issue where the cancel button would not work with operations. Fixed an issue where the council screen could “blink” as black Fixed an issue where the player wouldn’t receive the story-related operative  Fixed an issue where derelicts could stay active after exploration.  Fixed missing tooltips relating to global interrupts.  Fixed an issue where game could lock up on ending the turn  Fixed an issue where Pegasus republics production numbers would not show. Many miscellaneous small fixes. The Pegasus Expedition is now available as a PC Early Access title via Steam, and Epic Games Store. For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website or follow on Facebook, Twitter and/or Steam, or follow The Pegasus Expedition on Twitter.

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