Cool Summer Events in the upjers Browser Games


Cool Summer Events in the upjers Browser Games

upjers (, the developer and publisher of popular apps and browser successfully refreshes its players by providing existing events during summertime.

As of today players of Molehill Empire ( and My Free Farm ( can take part in a merry water fight. The players of Molehill Empire will splash the little gnomes with water and this will provide them with cool rewards like points, speed accelerators for the garden and brand new shadowbox items. (Event ends on August 4th, 2020).

The players of My Free Farm will also merrily throw water bombs. However, this time the sheep have to be prepared. Players can also look forward to several point power ups, shadowbox items and decos to beautify the interior of their farmhouse. (Event ends on August 4th, 2020).

Also as of today My Little Farmies ( will experience the wild West. During the summer event players set up decorations like a saloon, a windmill, and desert skeletons and will redeem sheriff stars for that. At the end of the event the collected sheriff stars will be traded in for rewards. The main prize will be the Italian Trader, a new production building, where you can prepare delicious Mediterranean dishes. (Event ends on July 28th, 2020).

One day later My Free Zoo ( won’t travel to the wild West, but to Hawaii. Exotic decorations like Tiki statues, surfboard fences and also an Ukulele player will turn the animal park into a Hawaiian Island Festival. Great animals will be the rewards for players, one of them is the rodent Brazilian porcupine. (Event ends on July 29th, 2020).

upjers wishes all players much fun with the summer events 2020!

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