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Gravity Game Arise “Tokyo Game Show 2022” debut exhibition Announcing 8 featured exhibition titles!


Gravity Game Arise “Tokyo Game Show 2022” debut exhibition Announcing 8 featured exhibition titles!

Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. would like to announce the exhibition titles of their first exhibition at “Tokyo Game Show”, during “Tokyo Game Show 2022”, from September 15th (Thursday) to 18th (Sunday), 2022. In addition to 6 indie game titles developed under the Gravity Indie Games brand, we plan to unveil 2 new in-house developed titles.

■Exhibiting title list Indie Titles: ①    Relaxing simulation game:      “FORESTOPIA” ②    Grid based bullethell RPG:      “Grid Force Mask of the Goddess” ③    Puzzle action:                          ”NecroBoy : Path to Evilship” ④    Strategic tactical RPG:             “Live By The Sword: Tactics” ⑤    Retro JRPG:                             “Alterium Shift” ⑥    Coop adventure platformer     “River Tails: Stronger Together” First Party Title: ⑦     World crafting RPG:               “KAMiBAKO – Mythology of Cube” ⑧     Virtual pet:                             “With Cuppa”

This is the latest in the series from Gamtropy (located in Taiwan), the developer of the popular DESERTOPIA.

A sequel that maintains the fun of the previous game, but with improved operability through UI/UX changes, and a major update to the game system that incorporates customer feedback. It is a simple yet fun simulation game that will make you want to look at the island and enjoy creating your own island.

Despite its cute appearance, a deep mystery awaits the island.

Make cute animals live on the island, decorate the island with beautiful flowers, and create your own special island!


Genre:A carefree island life simulation

Platform:Android OS / iOS

Release date:2022/10/  4 scheduled

Distribution area: Worldwide

Supported languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese

Price: Free to play (some in-app purchases available)

Official website: https://forestopia.gravityga.jp/

Developer: Gamtropy

Copyright:©GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd. © Gamtropy Co., Ltd.

  • Grid Force Mask of the Goddess

Grid Force is a grid-based RPG shooter developed by British game developer Dreamnauts (formerly Playtra Games).  A deep rich comic based story filled with many choices where you can either make new friends to add to your squad or new enemies. Battle against wave after wave of enemies, in grid-based real time action as you play with a 4 character team, each with their own styles, attacks, and skills

Title:Grid Force:Mask Of The Goddess

Genre:Bullet-hell action RPG

Platform:PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 2022/ 9/ 15 (PC (Steam))

Steam URL:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1379960/Grid_Force_Mask_Of_The_Goddess/



  • NecroBoy : Path to Evilship

NecroBoy is a puzzle action game developed by French game developer Chillin’ Wolf.

You control the protagonist, Necroboy, by reviving and manipulating dead souls as Necrominions. Command your minions, solve puzzles and explore the underground labyrinth of the notorious necromancer who ruled the kingdom 100 years ago!

It may look simple to play but as you delve deeper the puzzles to clear each floor become more and more ellaborate. Can you reach the bottom of the dungeon?

Title:NecroBoy : Path to Evilship

Genre: Puzzle action

Platform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Delivery start date: Scheduled for September 2022

Steam URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1628890/NecroBoy_Path_to_Evilship/

Developer: Chillin’ Wolf

Copyright: © GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd. © Chillin’ Wolf

  • Live By The Sword: Tactics

Live by the Sword is a new Tactical Strategic RPG with a modern twist on the classic tactical RPG. There is no leveling in this game, and you can only field one of each class type. The strategies you choose will determine the outcome of battles in the story, tactical challenges, rogue like Adventure mode or in PVP matches locally or online.

Title: Live By The Sword: Tactics

Genre: Tactical RPG

Platform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Delivery start date: Scheduled for September 2022

Steam URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1363210/Live_by_the_Sword_Tactics/

Developer: Labrador Studios Limited

Copyright: © GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd. © Maul Limited, © Labrador Studios Limited

  • Alterium Shift

Alterium Shift is an old-school JRPG from game developer Drattzy Games.

Choose one of three main characters and embark on an adventure to discovery the mysteries of the world. The bond between the main characters, each with their unique story that intertwines, and the lovingly created retrographics and gameplay will surely make you feel nostalgic.

Title: Alterium Shift

Genre: RPG

Platform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation

Delivery start date: Scheduled for 2023

Steam URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1586990/Alterium_Shift/

Developer: Drattzy Games

Copyright: © GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd. © Drattzy Games LLC

  • River Tails: Stronger Together

River Tails Stronger Together is a colorful cartoonish 3D two-player co-op adventure platformer

about a curious and excitable purple kitten “Furple” and a slightly irresponsible fish “Fin”. Players travel up the river to to save Furple’s family. Cooperate with your friends to solve the gimmicks and defeat the bosses that awaits you. Will you be able to save his family?

The game is being developed by Kid Onion Studio, a game developer based in the UK and Italy, and is planned for multi-platform deployment.

Title: River Tails: Stronger Together

Genre: Coop platformer

Platform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation

Delivery start date: Scheduled for 2023

Steam URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1851610/River_Tails_Stronger_Together/

Development: Kid Onion Studio

Copyright: © GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd. © Kid Onion Studio

First Party Titles

  • KAMiBAKO – Mythology of Cube

Repair lands with puzzles and defeat monsters in battles. Collect materials from the restored land and craft the world! A new RPG that combines game elements that anyone can play. A lot of ways to play! A world of overwhelming size and magnificence awaits you. Let’s restore the world and regain peace.


In mythological times, the gods created this world after a long battle. The world was divided into three, with gods in heaven, humans on earth, and monsters in the abyss protecting their territories and services.

Among them, people prospered on the ground, believed in goddesses, created nations, and lived in peace beyond cultures and races. However, on the ground, a “great division” occured, and the countries divided. People in distress prayed to the gods and waited for relief.

A goddess in the heavenly world chose a “restorer” from the earth to fulfill the wishes of the people and ordered them to settle this situation.”You” who received the power of the goddess embarks on a journey to restore the world.

Title: KAMiBAKO -Mythology of Cube-

Genre: World Craft RPG

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation5, Android OS / iOS Planned

Steam URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2081340/KAMiBAKO__Mythology_of_Cube/

Distribution start date: TBA

Copyright: © GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.

  • with cuppa

“With cuppa”, an application for smartphones that you can be friends with the playful and cute “Kappa-san” Let’s decorate Kappa’s clothes and room cutely by taking care of Mr. Kappa and collecting flowers in the river descent game!

On Twitter and Instagram, Kappa’s 4-panel manga is being serialized.  

We also distribute smartphone wallpapers on Twitter, so be sure to check them out!

Title: With Cuppa

Supported OS: Android OS / iOS Scheduled

Distribution start date: TBA

Region: Japan, (other TBD

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/sariding_kappa

Copyright: ©GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.

■ Exhibit Overview

Name: Tokyo Game Show 2022

Booth number: Indie booth No.1-S01

Date: September 15th (Thursday) to September 18th (Sunday), 2022

Exhibition name: GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd. / Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 Official Website: https://tgs.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2022/jp/

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