Unreleased Dune Flying Shooter for Game Boy Advance Coming to Kickstarter Q4 2021


Elland: The Crystal Wars drops the license but keeps the spirit of the IP

Indie game publisher The Retro Room Games will be launching a funding campaign for an unreleased first person flying shooter for Game Boy Advance, Elland: The Crystal Wars, on Kickstarter, Q4 of 2021. Originally licensed with the IP of Dune, Elland: The Crystal Wars is the reincarnation of a  previously canceled game 20 years ago developed by Soft Brigade, which property was held by Cryo Interactive.  Development of the game started in 2001 but in 2002 the project was canceled. Now, we have the rights to bring it back and finally give it the official physical release it deserves. You can check more about the history of this game in this link.
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Elland: The Crystal Wars is set in a harsh desert world on the outskirts of the Galaxy. With its mining activities and abundant minerals and crystals, Elland has transformed into a wealthy and beautiful planet.  Defeat the infamously aggressive Trafford who wants to use its financial muscle and military power to control Elland and intends to use all and any resources to get what it wants. Throw high damage bombs, long range missiles, and unlimited ammo of Grays Cannon to defeat the enemy.
For this upcoming version of Elland: The Crystal Wars, the characters, and the dialogues have been slightly changed from the original version to exclude any reference from the original Dune IP.


  • Unreleased title on Game Boy Advance  for more than 20 years
  • First person flying shooter
  • Set in a harsh desert world on the outskirts of the Galaxy
  • Pilot a fighter ship and take care of several duties: escorting, guarding, destroying enemy ships and buildings, capturing vehicles, and collecting resources.
  • 23 huge missions.
  • Weapons and power ups: missiles, grays cannon, bombs…
  • Originally licensing Dune

#DRIVE Definitive Edition Switch Physical Edition Announced in Partnership with Limited Run Games


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