How to Recover lost data, even after complete Format?



Have you deleted your files or folders by mistake using SHIFT+DELETE? Or formatted your hard disk without knowing it? Here’s a solution to recover your data even if your FILE SYSTEM IS DELETED.

In my friend’s case, he unintentionally formatted his external hard disk using Ubuntu which deleted the file system and partitions. But now his data recovered thanks to undelete software. There are various softwares available to recover deleted files and folders. One of them is Active Undelete (download link). These are some of the steps that would help you recover your lost data.

Step 1. Select Logical Drive to Scan

Step 2. Scan Selected Drive

Step 3. Review and Organize Scan Results

One can also save the scan results and load them earlier to avoid scanning the whole hard disk again.

Step 4: Scan any drive you want to recover data from.

Step 5. Recover Selected Files and Folders


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