Fight Your Way Through Changing Environments To Learn the Truth of Your Mysterious Power!

Jakub Dąbrowski and Ivan David Fernández Morantes are proud to announce the Kickstarter for their fast-paced 2D metroidvania-inspired roguelite An Amazing Wizard will launch Q2 2023.

Explore, fight, and uncover the truth of your power in An Amazing Wizard.

You were the magical child of prophecy, born once a millennium and raised by wizards. Now you’ve been kidnapped and had your memory erased by evil forces of the void. Curiously, though you’re unable to cast spells on your own, you can summon mysterious floating magic-wielding hands at the mere thought of casting a spell. Explore your way through the constantly-changing Magic Realm to reclaim your memories, learn the truth of your mysterious power, and free yourself from the realm!


  • Procedurally-generated World: Explore a unique procedurally-generated world every time you play.
  • Action Roguevania: Lose everything you have found upon death while also making permanent upgrades.
  • Over 200 Permanent Upgrades: Upgrade your starting items or statistics, add more elements to the world, increase your chance of finding better items, and much more!
  • 7 Playable Characters: Unlock and play as one of the 7 Elemental Wizards!
  • Enchant Your Spells: Search for Astral Forges to add enchantments to all your Spells and Magic Weapons to imbue them with special effects!
  • Over 200 Unique Artifacts: Every artifact has its own special use, with many changing your Basic Spell behavior or adding special abilities. There are literally countless combinations!
  • Over 100 Powerful Spells: Cast Fire Balls or Tornados, Summon Creatures, Slow Time, Create Gravity Zones, and many, many more!
  • Dozens of Magic Weapons: Use one of many Magic Weapons to help you survive!
  • 5 Nonlinear Levels: Only 5 levels? Yes, but each time you die you will respawn in one of the four nature-inspired worlds and face other enemies based on the current biome. Levels order is never the same!
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels: Every time you kill the end boss, you will gain the possibility to change the difficulty level and face stronger foes.
  • Merciless Bosses: At the end of each level, you will have to face a new challenging boss.
  • Level Up Your Character: Gain experience points for killing enemies. Select one of the dozens of perks after leveling up to make you even stronger!
  • Over 50 Unique Challenges: Finish the run in a specific way to test your mettle, such as beating the game with global light disabled (only player’s and environment lights are enabled), without collecting items, with a specific wizard, defeating a shopkeeper, and many more.
  • Secrets and Mysteries to Discover: No spoilers!
  • Over 50 Hours of Fun: Will you take your time or speed through to the end?
  • Multiple Save Slots: Manage multiple characters and playthroughs at once!

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