Blitz: Rise of Heroes, Whaleapp’s new midcore offering, launching worldwide on Android & iOS next Tuesday, November 9


Blitz: Rise of Heroes, Whaleapp’s new midcore offering, launching worldwide on Android & iOS next Tuesday, November 9

Blitz: Rise of Heroes – a 3D fantasy RPG with stunning character design, lush environments, and exciting gameplay – is heading to Android and iOS next Tuesday, November 9!

With more than 40 customizable heroes to choose from and multiple gameplay modes (including campaign, PvP, Treasure Maze, and more), Blitz: Rise of Heroes is the perfect mobile RPG for gamers looking to explore a new fantasy universe.

One fateful day, the land of Asteria is caught off guard by the half-forgotten cult of the fire deity Сyrus – leading to a massive invasion by the Ashen. Pushed to the brink of war, the realm can only be defended by the Alliance and the Keepers – who fight side by side but rarely see eye to eye. Will they be able to reach an agreement and become real allies? Will they crumble – and with them, the dream of a free Asteria? The choice is yours!

Developed by Whaleapp, Blitz: Rise of Heroes features a number of unique game modes that deliver hours upon hours of entertainment:

  • Campaign: Story-based missions that follow your heroes along their perilous journey.
  • PvP Arena: Ranked matches; play against other players’ squads.
  • Treasure Maze: Choose your path through maze-maps, with legendary rewards, unique power-ups, an option to buy special items, and the ability to recruit heroes for a limited time.
  • Flaming Fortress: Climb the Fortress and defeat waves of enemies until you reach the top in this high-level challenge for advanced players! 
  • Temple of Trials: A challenge-based game mode aimed to strengthen specific heroes.
  • Sphere of Time: Puzzle mode featuring additional modifiers that change the way the game is played – a solid source for special artifacts and limited rewards!
Blitz: Rise of Heroes - To Battle!
  • Fight in manual or auto battles of up to 6v6.
  • Insanely fast, “no loading” experience!
  • More than 40 heroes – each with their own story, alliances, stats, and classes.
  • 104 abilities and 4 unique talents (buffs, debuffs, dispels, and healing).
  • Upgrade your heroes by improving their weapons, armor, and abilities.
  • Accumulate resources even when you’re offline.
  • Ranked, PvP Arena mode.
  • Stunning 3D environments: explore the vast world of Asteria!
Blitz: Rise of Heroes - Delayra
Blitz: Rise of Heroes will be free to download and play. The game will be available on the App Store and Google Play worldwide starting Tuesday, November 9.

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Google Play:

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