West Bengal Man Becomes India’s Latest Lakhpati with Lottoland


31 year-old man becomes the first Lakhpati Lottoland winner from India by winning 52.8 Lakhs

World leading online lotto betting operator, Lottoland is thrilled to announce their first Lakhpati in India. 2020 is a year that plenty of people with want to forget, however for one man it is the year that changed his life forever!

Partho Mondal a customer service representative for a large international organization, lives in a busy household with his family in Malda, West Bengal. By the time Partho returned from an international work visit, he’s life would never be the same!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email saying that I won. My first thoughts were – how could this be possible,” said Partho. When asked what he planned to do with his newfound wealth Partho commented, “I’ll be clearing my loans and helping some friends and family with the winnings, I want to save a lot of it for the future.

Partho won on Malamaal Daily – a simple game where the user has to select 5 numbers between 1 and 42. If your numbers match the draw results you win!

Jackpot bet on: Malamaal Daily
Amount won: Rs. 5,286,953.34
Amount spent: Rs. 40
Numbers Matched: 5 from 5

I like Malamaal Daily because its cheap and runs every day, my winning numbers are not special to me… whatever my mind says, I play!” said Partho. I think we can agree the winning numbers 3, 5, 14, 30, 31 will mean a lot more to Partho now.

A Lottoland representative said “It’s times like this that are very rewarding for all the staff at Lottoland. We have hundreds of thousands of Indian customers who have registered so to finally have our first big Indian winner is very special.

Partho has now completed the quick and easy verification process with Lottoland and has had the money deposited in his bank account.

When asked on whether Partho had any final words of advice for those thinking about joining Lottoland? “Sign up and start playing, 2020 could also be life changing for you.”

Launched in 2013, Lottoland has grown rapidly to become the world leading online lotto betting provider, allowing people to bet on the outcome of lotteries from around the world – it has a range of jackpots on offer at any one time so that people can pick and choose how they want to bet. In August this year they are started accepting bets on International Sporting events offering competitive odds and an easy to use interface.

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