PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

You’ve been asked to visit Longvinter Island to learn about the island’s unique features.

At one of the several research camps dotted over the island, your trip gets underway. To compete with other researchers, buy yourself tools, sell the materials you collect, and spend money on new and more sophisticated equipment.

PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

Key features

key attributes

  • Handcrafted open-world; explore, discover, and benefit from the natural environment. Build your camp next to the greatest berry and fishing areas to increase your income.
  • PVP – On the island, you’re not the only one attempting to prevail. Form ties, stand your ground, and take over whatever new territory you deem worthwhile.
  • Building: You can construct anything, with anyone, anywhere. Choose a location for your tent, build a campfire, and then begin to grow. All of your belongings should be kept inside the tent, which only you have access to.
  • Crafting: At a workbench, quickly mix two or more items to create a new item.
  • Farming: Produce food for your consumption or to sell for profit.
  • Do whatever you want, anywhere you want, and with anyone you want in the sandbox. Rules and obligations are absent. Create the game as you see fit.
  • Trading: You can earn continuous income by offering your expertise and valuable things to other players who are willing to pay for them. You can also sell to camp vendors.
  • Tools for dedicated servers
  • Free content updates
PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

In the game Longvinter, you can construct your own home alone or with pals, go fishing, chat with other players, make things, decorate your home, assassinate other players, raid other players’ homes, and protect your own.

If you don’t routinely replenish your house with wood (many gamers are reporting that their house has vanished), your house will be gone.

Longvinter has a PVP and PVE server (which cannot engage in combat or raiding). so you can select a server based on the kind of play you like. I notice a lot of problems with raiding on steam. In that case, why not choose the PVE server if you’re worried about being attacked or killing things?

-Longvinter recently had a significant overhaul.

-Lonvinter has a discord channel where gamers, administrators, and developers can communicate.

-Lonvinter is in Early Access and Beta, therefore there may be bugs or issues, and there may also be updates to the material.

I can’t say that the content is a lot right now, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, so it has a lot of promise. Before it is officially released, you can test it ( it updates almost every 2 weeks).

PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

You might encounter this:

1. A erratic server (ex, server disappears for a few hrs)

2. Rarely occurs: lost data (such as money or a compendium).

3. The server has few players because there is no advertising and there have previously been many problems.

4. A few pests

5. Is there a problem with bans? In my experience, bans only applied to those who engaged in harassing or hacking. Perhaps some innocent users were once banned, but based on my observations and those of another player on the server, I disagree with most of the criticisms made about the Steam banning issue.

Those are the key things that you might encounter. However, whenever there are issues, the developers and admin teams work diligently to resolve them.

PREVIEW : Longvinter (PC)

Even though this game has a lot of problems, I can tell that it is improving. It’s worthwhile to give Longvinter a shot because it’s still incredibly appealing. Longvinter has a lot of potentials as well. Therefore, I urge you to try not to blindly believe all the comments.

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