Take your first shot of Drunk Or Dead 2 in this SteamVR Demo


The stakes are high in the zombie apocalypse, but not higher than your blood alcohol level! In comedy VR shooter Drunk Or Dead 2 (from independent studio 4 I Lab) the only thing keeping you from shambling around as a zombie is you shambling around because you’re blackout drunk. Turns out that alcohol keeps you human, so you better get used to fighting with a shotgun in one hand, and shotgunning a drink in the other.

Drunk Or Dead 2 launches later this year for PC VR and Meta Quest 2, but you can get your first taste of the action right now in the SteamVR demo. Take a peek at the chaos coming your way in the gameplay trailer below.

There’s more to Drunk Or Dead 2 than just being rude, crude and perpetually buzzed. Develop your drunken master style with light RPG elements, recruit robot buddies to join you on missions, or make it a full-blown drinking party in four-player online co-op. Sure, you’re constantly under siege from swarms of brain-eating undead monsters (including smarter ones that know how to shoot back), but so long as the drinks keep coming, who’s complaining?

It’s survival of the sloshed out there, and no matter how good you are at drinking, you’ll have to back up your alcohol tolerance with fighting skills. Master a wide assortment of firearms, from the classic zombie-smashing sawn-off shotgun to massive drum-fed machineguns, exotic rocket launchers and more. Get the edge in battle by slamming down some experimental brews that’ll slow down time, increase your attack power or (if they’re just too high-proof for human consumption) explode then thrown. Aaah, booze; the cause of—and solution to—all of life’s problems.

Drunk Or Dead 2 launches later this year for PC VR and Meta Quest 2/Pro headsets. Wishlist it on Steam now and line up your first few shots of the mayhem in the SteamVR demo today!

About 4 I Lab

Founded in 2011, 4 I Lab is a passionate independent studio with staff all around the world. Initially focused on mobile games, we’re now fully committed to the Virtual Reality dream. Our goal is to deliver impactful new gameplay experiences to the world.

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